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Commercial Work 

When you refit a cool Barbers, you need to keep it stylish!

When a Barbers wanted a full shop refit using natural wood finish, we jumped at the chance to get involved and use our skills. We love having the opportunity to work with different materials on one larger scale project. Whilst we believe it is important to keep up to date with innovative organic materials such as valchromat, there is just something beautifully simplistic yet stylish about going back to the forest.


Who wouldn’t want to work with responsibly sourced Hardwoods such as Oak? And on the flip side, who wouldn’t like the finished look?!


Again using our principle of ‘start with the dream’ , we were able to create a well suited design which proved multi functional yet beautiful.


After much communication with both customer and Cole Carpentry & Construction, we were able to establish common features that became a must!

  • Meeting storage requirements whilst not over crowding the barber area.

  • Using the Hardwood Oak slabs around the irregular shaped basins is skilled work - investing in skilled craftsmen was the path to take.

  • All the bespoke draws needed to be purposeful yet stylish. Dove tail joints were a must!

  • Keeping the live edge on all of the Hardwood Oak slabs made a statement. Further enhancing the existing space and overall look of the Barber shop.

  • The overall design needed to complement existing decor and styling. No element could look disjointed or out of place.

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